i should be going on a mini tour this weekend thruout nc with my partner’s band to be the merch person but this full time gig at work sux and yknow what i might even get fired cuz someone forgot to fuckin date their check and i overlooked it. 

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i think it’s so weird when customers tell me i’m pretty. and it’s always lil girls or sweet older women. i never know how to respond so i say, “me? no way, you! you’re way cooler and prettier”

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An officer threatens to kill a journalist and those around him since he’s not credential press. He then threatens everyone around the guy with live rounds. If you don’t know what those are, they’re real bullets.

Another journalist tried to ask his name but all he said was “Go fuck yourself”.

The tag trending for this guy on twitter, funny enough, is #officergofuckyourself.

Please spread, Ferguson is not safe. Don’t forget about it.


Ladies and Gentlemen, Officer GoFuckYourself. 

Full article about this incident can be found HERE.

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